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About Cartier Watches

Cartier Watcheshaodiaocao这里只精品 was founded in the year 1847 in Paris by Louis-Francois Cartier, specializing in the manufacture of breathtaking jewelry and watches, and was appointed as the official purveyor to many kings and rulers throughout the world. Shortly after 1900 an aviator friend of Cartier, Alberto Santos Dumont, voiced complaint over the difficulty of reading time from a pocket watch while flying and thus, the "Santos" edition watch was born. This was the first men's wristwatch ever to be created, and soon after, the Cartier Watch company was born.

By 1907, Cartierhaodiaocao这里只精品 had branches in New York, London, and St. Petersburg establishing them as a truly international watch company. In 1917 the Cartier collection begins to expand and this was the year when Cartier created their famous Tank line which was inspired by the Renault tanks that Cartier observed during WWI. The lines and proportions of the Tank collection represent those of actual tanks, with the color and decorations of the watches being similar to those of real tanks as well. A special blue sapphire cabochon adorns the crown of many of their watches in general and all of the Tank style watches in particular. Presently there are over 30 different types of Tank watches found in both quartz and automatic, with one of the most popular being the Tank Francaise watch, available in both men's and ladies' sizes.

haodiaocao这里只精品 The worldwide nature of the Cartier brand is felt through its jewelry such as the popular Amulette de Cartier and its extensive watch collection. The Cartier collection of watches has titles including: the Tank Americaine men's watch and the Tank Americaine ladies' watches, which are produced only in precious metals making it very exclusive. Also available in the Tank collection is a classic styled series called Louis Cartier which is available for both men and ladies. Finally, the Tank Solo watches are available in round and rectangular shapes for both men and ladies at very reasonable prices - making for a perfect gift.

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Cartier Tanks make up a large portion of tehe many Cartier collections with the majority of the models in the Tank series being the Cartier mens Tanks. Among the many publications that discuss the Cartier Tanks, mens magazines such as GQ, Esquire magazine compiles want lists which are basically wish lists, many of which include the Cartier Tank mens watch making them even more desirable by their massive amounts of fashion conscious male subscribers. While individuality and unique style is appreciated, these influential publications have a tendency of setting trends and oftentimes predicting the Cartier Tank mens watch that the reader will want to wear.

There are several collections of Cartier Tanks that are available: The first of the many lines of Tanks to be mentioned are the Cartier Tank Solo watches, which are available in a total of 3 different sizes. Two smaller sizes are found for the Solo Cartier Tank Quartz and a larger version as well. There is only one size for the Cartier Solo Automatic which is an Extra Large sized Automatic version …possibly the biggest Mens Cartier tank.

haodiaocao这里只精品Tank Francaise comes in a variety of sizes. The following are the sizes of the Francaise Cartier Tank small, medium (a popular Cartier mid size watch) and large Cartier Tank Francaise. They are crafted from materials such as stainless steel, yellow gold, 18 carat white gold as well as 18 ct rose gold. There is also a small sized Women's Cartier Tank Francaise that features a lovely Pink Mother of Pearl dial, a versatile luxury watch that can be worn both casually and in a formal setting.

Cartier Tank Anglaise (The French word for "English") is another very popular Cartier mens Tank series and it comes with leather straps as well as precious metal bracelets using 18 carat Yellow Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 18kt White Gold and stainless steel bands. The Cartier Tank Americaine, also known as the Cartier Tank American is only available with an alligator / crocodile leather strap. There is also the Tank MC watches which feature a luxurious alligator / crocodile leather band as well.

The new Ballon Bleu watch series is a beautiful and unique addition to the Cartier watch line. The crown is set with a sapphire stone which is then covered by a steel protector. The Ballon Bleu is available in three sizes: the Ballon Bleu full size watch, the Ballon Bleu medium size watch, and finally in a smaller ladies watch size. Also available from the Ballon Bleu watch collection is the new Ballon Bleu Chronograph watch which is available in several different materials including stainless steel, white gold, two-tone, yellow gold and rose gold.

haodiaocao这里只精品 The Roadster watch with its distinct appearance and shape allows for the bracelet and strap to be switched in a matter of seconds without the use of any tools. The Roadster watch is also available in a ladies edition with a quartz movement. Additional variations are also available for the Cartier men's Roadster as well as the Cartier women Roadster such as the Roadster GMT watch and the Roadster Chronograph watch.

The Cartier Ronde Solo is a collection of watches with a distint smooth classic round case. The Ronde Solo is available in a variety of sizes, materials, dial colors and comes on either a leather strap or a metal bracelet. The Ronde Solo is made in small sizes from as small as a 29mm case, a midsized 36mm case and larger Ronde Solo models for men are available in 42mm. While most of the Ronde Solo models are made in stainless steel, you can find a few models which use yellow gold and rose gold in its construction.

haodiaocao这里只精品 The Cartier Pasha series was created especially for one of the Pashas in Morocco, and each watch in the series has Arabic numerals. The Pasha watch series includes the Pasha 42mm, Pasha Seatimer, Pasha Chronograph, Pasha GMT, Pasha C, and Pasha 32mm for ladies.

The Cartier Santos collection watches are immediately recognizable by their square design. The Classic Santos watches are available in both men's and ladies' sizes with either quartz or automatic movements. The new Santos series watches are bold yet versatile. The Santos collection includes a plain automatic version and the Santos Chronograph. The Santos Dumont is a dressy version of the Santos collection. The Demoiselle watches are the modern version of the famous and hugely successful Panthere collection by Cartier. While there are numerous Cartier collections that offer watches for both men and women, the Cartier Drive de Cartier is one Cartier collection that is so far made exclusively in men's sizes and is available in stainless steel, rose gold and .

The Tank Louis Cartier collection is another more evolved collection derived from the original Tank which comes in sizes as small as 22mm and can go as large as an Extra Large model which has a 39.2mm x 30mm case size. Although that doesnt sound like a huge size, remember thee are rectangular shaped watches and they command a larger presence on the wrist.

Finally, the ladies Baignoire series, a women's Cartier cased in white gold and lined with diamonds, is a luxurious watch for the classy woman.

One can find Cartier wristwatches proudly worn the wrists of the world's leading ladies, celebrities, aristocrats, heads of state and even royalty. These are the type of women their watches attracts with their impressive designs, fine craftsmanship and overall brand prestige as one of the major players in high-end luxurious watches. One of the most lavish and appreciated ladies gifts that one can actually purchase is a women's Cartier watch. Aside from enhancing one's apparent social status, a women's Cartier watch is also indicative of a ladies refined and elegant taste and her appreciation for high caliber timepieces. So if you're not sure what luxury gift to buy for a woman, one of their watches may be the answer.

haodiaocao这里只精品It is imperative to purchase Cartier timepieces from an established business such as Prestige Time that will offer you a warranty. This way you can ensure that you're in fact acquiring watches that are authentic and 100% Genuine and will have your warranty honored if anything ever is to happen to the watch. This is one of the reasons why xa007just.com is trusted more than any other website when it comes to high-end watches.

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