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The most trusted name in luxury watches!
Harry Winston Watches

About Harry Winston Watches

Harry Winston Watches were first unveiled in 1989. At that time Harry Winston was already known as one of the most legendary and illustrious jewelers in the industry, Harry Winston began his career as a young boy in his father's shop. Harry demonstrated his unique inborn talent for understanding and recognizing precious gems from an exceptionally young age. After working alongside his father, Harry started his own business, Premier Diamond Company in 1916. Winston continued to develop and reveal his talent as a skilled and gifted jeweler when he bought and transformed pieces of estate jewelry into contemporary and fashionable masterpieces. In 1932, Harry opened Harry Winston Inc. which soon after became known as one of the most prestigious diamond shops in the world.

In 1989 the brand introduced its first Harry Winston watches. These are luxury timepieces which combine the high quality craftsmanship of Harry Winston Jewels with the intricate and complex skill of horology. The legendary Harry Winston watch collection includes a wide range of styles including the Avenue and Premier watch collections as well as the Harry Winston Ocean, Midnight and High Jewelry Timepieces.

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In 2007, Harry Winston watch brand opened a cutting edge manufacturing plant in Geneva; the watchmaking capitol of the world. As a partner brand of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, Harry Winston watches take an active role in defending the values of technical and precious fine watchmaking. Harry Winston operates a vast network of retail salons worldwide.

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