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The most trusted name in luxury watches!
Returns and Exchanges
Return/Exchange Request

Watches must be returned to us in brand new condition with all protective plastics/tape, hang tags and accessories intact. Until you are positive you will be keeping the watch, do not wear it. It is almost impossible for a watch to be worn, even for a short period of time, and for the watch not to be blemished or scratched in any way.

  1. Prestige Time offers a 14 day return policy from day of receipt, as long as the watch has not be worn or altered in any way.
  2. All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization No. (RMA#). Please call 800-470-2343 prior to return for RMA#. This number must be displayed on the outside of the box; this will expedite your return. A watch returned without authorization will be refused.
  3. Do not have the bracelet sized (links removed).
  4. All products must be returned with original packaging, manuals, protective tape and hang tags etc.
  5. Returns will be credited in full minus a 2% restocking fee and original shipping and insurance charges (Shipping Charges are as follows: $15 for FedEx Standard Delivery, $40 FedEx 2nd Day Delivery, $55.00 for FedEx Next Day Delivery and $80 for Overnight Priority 10:30 am delivery).
  6. Restocking charges are waived on an exchange.
  7. Credit:
    • Credit card payments: credit will be issued in the same form as payment received.
    • Check purchases: credit will be issued via check made payable to the original payer.
    • Wire purchases: Wires initiated within the USA will be credited via check made payable to the original sender. Wires initiated from international locations will be credited via wire to the original sender.
    • Bitcoin: All sales on xa007just.com are in US Dollar currency. Any & all payment credits or refunds for transactions with bitcoin payments (including overpayments) shall be in US Dollars only, based on the US Dollar purchase price at the time of sale. We do not refund in bitcoin & do not take any responsibility for market value fluctuation regardless of the circumstances or reason for refund.
  8. Returns must be shipped via traceable courier, e.g. UPS or USPS (Do not ship via FedEx as they do not insure watches or jewelry valued above $500). Return shipment must be pre-paid and fully insured for the amount you expect credit. Collect shipping will be refused. In case of loss or damages, customer is liable.
  9. Once you have been issued a RMA#, you must ship the watch back so that we receive it within 7 days of us issuing the RMA#.

We believe that the above conditions are reasonable, fair and quite simple to adhere to. If for some reason one or multiple conditions cannot be met, please call and we will try to help, BUT you must call before and receive authorization.

Special Orders

We will gladly assist in providing special orders of items that we may not currently have in stock. If you are looking for a specific item, let us know and we will search through our distributors to find you the best price possible. Due to the specialized nature, special order items are not subject to the standard return policy. We reserve the right to implement a Special Order Return Policy, which if applicable to an order will be provided to you in writing and will require your signed consent before a Special Order is accepted by xa007just.com. An estimated time frame for delivery of Special Orders will be provided to you prior to placing the Special Order.

Purchases by Manufacturers

haodiaocao这里只精品The Standard Return Policy does not apply to any purchases made by any watch manufacturer, watch brand distributor, and/or any person acting on behalf of any of these entities in any capacity. Purchases made by the aforementioned entities may not be returned for any reason under any circumstances.

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